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Airbags are credited with reducing numerous injuries and saving many lives during vehicle accidents. However, there have been incidents where they do not function as intended, and have even caused injuries such as explosive powder burns, detached eye retinas, child suffocation and impact deaths. In still other cases, airbags have not deployed when they should have, or deployed unnecessarily, thus causing a car accident. In addition, many malfunctions do not occur in the airbag modules themselves, but rather in the electronic instruments and electromechanical devices that detect a collision and signal if, and when, an airbag should deploy.

Our engineers are experienced in accident reconstruction [1] and determining when an airbag should deploy.  We can also perform a biomechanical [2] analysis to determine whether the occupants of a vehicle with non-functioning airbags would have been injured if the airbags had properly deployed.

Special consideration needs to be given to children, who should sit in the rear seats of cars equipped with airbags.