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Accident Reconstruction

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common type of incidents producing injury in the US. Automotive accident litigation often involves determination of vehicle speeds from damage or skid marks, considering the effects of seatbelt [1] usage, airbag [2] deployment, vehicle component failure (e.g. steering, braking), roadway design, occupant injury biomechanics [3], rollovers [4], and driver visibility [5].  Our expert engineers are experienced in a great variety of accident types including single car crashes, multiple car crashes, front impacts, side impacts, highway or arterial road accidents, tree and guardrail impacts and others.

Our accident reconstruction experts are familiar with techniques such as computer simulations [6] and 3D animations [7]. These tools aid an expert witness in constructing persuasive testimony for a judge and jury.  Our engineering expert witnesses have extensive experience in both accident reconstruction and courtroom testimony regarding these cases, and have served hundreds of attorneys for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.