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$9 Million Awarded to injured boy after expert testimony

A 14 year old child ran onto a residential street without first looking for oncoming traffic. Fortunately, an attentive driver braked in time and avoided striking the boy. Startled by the near miss, the youth then turned to look at that car and began backing away from it.  Suddenly, he was struck by a passing car travelling in the opposite direction. The boy was struck by the second car, thrown onto the hood and catapulted off it, striking his head on the pavement. He suffered brain and neurological injuries and has required special care for these disorders.

Based on scene measurements and scale drawings, as well as vehicle speeds calculated from the pedestrian throw distance, our engineers were able to show that the second car’s driver had an ideal line of sight and more than ample time to slow and stop before striking the boy. Based on this analysis and testimony, Attorney Michael Stratton of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder in Bridgeport, Connecticut was able to convince the jury of the second driver’s liability and to have them award the youth over $9 Million to guarantee his continued care and assistance for the rest of his life.