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Dr. Ricky Mehta-Desai

Dr. Mehta-Desai received his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with a mechanical concentration from The College of New Jersey in 2010. There he utilized principles of engineering and biology to help develop a design for a novel ankle-foot orthosis. He then joined the doctoral program of Applied Physiology at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010 where he earned his Ph.D. with a focus on biomechanics and neurophysiology. His research contributed insights into the role of proprioceptive feedback in muscle coordination using 3D motion analysis techniques. Dr. Mehta-Desai then joined Technology Associates in 2016 where he applies his fundamental knowledge to biomechanical/injury analysis. He also has investigative and analytical experience in motor vehicle accident reconstruction, product design/safety, and computer simulations. He has several publications in major journals, is a member of BMES and ASB, and continues to conduct research relevant to forensic biomechanics.

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