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Philosophy & Approach

[1]Since 1990, we have been assisting attorneys, insurance adjusters, and their clients by applying our engineering expertise to determining the causes of accidents and injuries, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions on how to proceed with a case. Once the likely cause or causes of an accident are understood, we are in a position to weigh contributing factors, evaluate the opposing party’s claims and offer expert opinions based upon the principles of science and engineering. We can answer questions regarding liability and the correlation of damages to a particular event. Whenever necessary, site and product inspections, exemplar testing, computer simulation and other engineering analyses and review of relevant scientific literature are all exploited to help our clients understand the root cause of an accident and all of the relevant technical issues. In addition to our technical analyses, we are also experienced in assisting in the discovery process, preparing clear and effective expert reports, creating animations and court exhibits, assisting in preparing a case for trial and if necessary, testifying in court. For a more complete summary of our philosophy please see our article “How to use an expert witness.” [2]

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