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Electrical Burns

Electric Fire

Electrical Burns

Electric burns are a common result of the use of heat massage or electrical stimulation, and can be caused by other defective or mis-used electrical appliances. A common cause of such a burn involves the use of a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator). Our electrical engineering experts also have experience with contact burns originating from electric current, even if the current levels are below those that would cause shock or electrocution. We are also proficient in non-contact burns that involve “action-at-a-distance”, aka indirect or non-contact electric burns.

Our engineers have been assisting attorneys and insurance representatives in investigating accidents since 1990. We have a highly qualified staff of engineers with advanced degrees from top-tier universities who have provided testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants at trial

Previous Cases

Spa Heat Treatment:

A woman went to a spa to receive an electrical massage. Unfortunately, the clinician performing the procedure was not properly trained. During our investigation, we found clear code violations pertaining to the electrodes used on the woman. We also found miscalibrations or defects in the operating performance of the machine that gave the massage.

TENS Burn:

A woman was using a TENS machine at home. However, the directions that came with that machine did not adequately describe how to use the machine safely. She used the machine in a way that seemed reasonable but (due to conditions beyond the knowledge of a lay person) was unsafe. As a result of this product misuse brought on by a lack of appropriate warnings, she suffered a 3rd degree burn.