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Golf Carts

There are roughly 15,000 golf cart related accidents requiring emergency room treatment in the United States each year. The majority of these accidents are related to either braking, cart rollover [1] or passenger ejection [2]. These problems are common to golf carts due to their open design, lack of seatbelts, poor braking capabilities and the uneven terrains they are driven on. Although industry standards prohibit golf carts from exceeding a maximum speed of 15 mph, rollovers and ejections still occur due to sharp turns, steep inclines, mechanical failures and driver error. In addition, most golf carts are equipped with mechanical rear brakes only (instead of four wheel brakes like cars), significantly limiting their stopping ability.


Our engineers have extensive experience in investigating golf cart accidents.  We have published several papers in peer-reviewed journals regarding passenger ejection and rollover accidents, and one of our engineers has served on an ANSI safety standards committee for golf carts and related vehicles.