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Bicycle accidents result in approximately 50,000 injuries in the United States each year. Though bicycles are quite different from cars and trucks, they are often required to share the road with them and obey the same traffic rules. In many accidents, driver’s claim they did not notice a cyclist or did so when it was too late to avoid an accident. When accidents occur, cyclists are vulnerable since they have little protection, though the use of a proper helmet can reduce head injuries. Reconstructing a bicycle accident often requires specific calculations to determine factors such as coasting speed down an incline, bicycle braking distances and the role of equipment failure.

Our engineers have been assisting attorneys and insurance representatives in investigating accidents since 1990. We have a highly qualified staff of engineers with advanced degrees from top-tier universities who have provided testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants at trial

Previous Cases

Child Cyclist Struck by Pickup

A young boy was riding a bicycle down a sloped residential driveway and traveled out into the street, where he was broadsided by a truck traveling in the far lane. Impact evidence established the precise location of both vehicles at the moment of impact and our analysis of post impact skid marks proved the truck was speeding. Based on this, we were able to show that if the pickup had been going the speed limit, the driver could have avoided the impact and the accident would have not occurred.

Bicycle Van Impact

A motorist was proceeding through a signal-controlled intersection when a bicycle coming from his left side rode in front of him and was struck by the front of his van. We inspected the scene and analyzed the traffic signal timing and showed that the van driver had a green signal and that the cyclist must have entered the intersection long after his light changed to red. We also showed that a left turning vehicle blocked the van driver’s view of the bike, explaining why he could not anticipate the bike and avoid the impact.