Case Highlights

When investigating an accident, our goal is to help our clients understand, and if necessary, prove through scientific principles, the facts of the case. When the results of our investigation coincide with the client’s position, their bargaining power is greatly improved. The cases highlighted here are just some examples of situations where the results of our analysis paid big dividends for the client.

One evening at a country club in Oklahoma, a group of six men were using a four passenger golf car to travel around the course and make preparations for an upcoming tournament. During this informal round of putting, one of the men (the plaintiff) fell and sustained a posterior skull fracture with internal bleeding that […]

A bicyclist was riding in the shoulder of a residential road when he was suddenly and fatally struck from behind by a minivan which continued forward, struck a utility pole and rolled over. In court the van driver plead guilty to “driving in improper lane”, accepted sole responsibility for the crash and testified that the […]

A man was walking his dog using a hand held retractable dog leash when the dog “took off at a dead run.” A split second later, the man heard a “pop” and then felt something strike him in his left eye. After being hit in the eye, he discovered that the leash’s plastic buckle had […]

Animations are a powerful tool to illustrate how an accident occurred, and to make an engineer’s accident reconstruction more accessible to individuals without engineering expertise. In a recent case, we were able to make a 3d animation that showed the plaintiff’s description of how an accident occurred was not consistent with the forensic evidence at […]

A teenage girl was run over by a city bus, but no witnesses came forward and, as a result, the bus company was reluctant to compensate her for her serious injuries. Technology Associates was hired to reconstruct the accident and prepare a computer animation.

A stand-up forklift operator was injured when she lost control of her forklift and crashed into a nearby staircase railing. The impact caused a portion of the metal railing to breakaway, leaving a jagged metal edge that intruded into the operator’s compartment and caused a severe leg injury. The operator sued the forklift manufacturer for […]

An elderly woman was attempting to cross a busy street in New York city. When she reached the intersection, she waited for the pedestrian signal to change to walk, but before the light changed to walk, two tractor-trailers stopped nearby, one waiting for the traffic light and the other double-parked in the right lane and […]

A garbage truck driver unexpectedly pulled out of a driveway in front of an oncoming car. Based on our reconstruction and animation, we were able to help show a jury that the garbage truck driver failed to yield right-of-way to the oncoming vehicle and that the driver of the car did not have time to […]

The old pickup truck was moving briskly along a highway in Jacksonville, Florida, when the driver suddenly came upon a line of cars that were stopped due to road construction. The driver tried to slow down as he approached the stalled cars, but his brakes were not functioning properly. To avoid a collision, he made a sudden sharp, turn causing him to lose control of the pickup.

A 14 year old child ran onto a residential street without first looking for oncoming traffic. Fortunately, an attentive driver braked in time and avoided striking the boy. Startled by the near miss, the youth then turned to look at that car and began backing away from it. Suddenly, he was struck by a passing car travelling in the opposite direction.

Bernd Remy, a young businessman from Germany, was standing in the parking lot behind his hotel in Lexington, Massachusetts, enjoying an after-dinner smoke with a colleague, when he heard what sounded like a low flying airplane. He turned to look up and, according to his colleague; Mr. Remy disappeared from view in the early darkness. […]

A gravel pit in Rhode Island proved to be the site of a dramatic injury case that recently came to the attention of TA. The case involved machinery used in screening gravel, including a hopper, various conveyor belts and vibrating screens through which the gravel falls and can be collected in various sizes. The conveyor […]

A new RV owner soon found that his new motor home had several mechanical problems: the brakes smoked, tires blew out, and the vehicle didn’t handle well on the road. He kept returning the vehicle for repairs and modifications, eventually giving up in frustration and demanding his money back from the manufacturer under the New York Lemon Law.