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Power Tools

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Power Tools

Handheld power tools present the possibility of serious injury, or even death, due to product misuse or equipment failure.  Our mechanical engineers have experience in investigating accidents involving many different types of power tools, such as drills and saws, and determining whether accidents were caused by user error, a design or manufacturing defect (such as inadequate warnings or improper guards) or some combination of these factors.

Our engineers have been assisting attorneys and insurance representatives in investigating accidents since 1990. We have a highly qualified staff of engineers with advanced degrees from top-tier universities who have provided testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants at trial

Previous Cases

Portable grinder fatality

A construction worker was using a portable angle grinder on a job site. The grinder had been designed to accept a 4 ½” grinding wheel; however the worker had improperly installed a 8” cut-off wheel. The larger wheel was rated for less than 8,000 rpm, but the angle grinder was rated at 11,000 rpm. This overspeeding of the cut-off wheel let to it flying apart, striking the worker in the head and killing him. We were able to show that the guarding on the angle grinder did not meet applicable standards, and that this contributed to the worker’s death. We also noted that the relevant warnings on the grinder should have been made more conspicuous.

Pneumatic punch chipping

A mechanic was using a pneumatic air hammer and a punch to disassemble a defective wheel bearing. He was wearing safety glasses, though they did not have side protection. During the hammering, the punch broke, resulting in a flying piece striking the mechanic’s eye. We determined that the resulting injury was caused by the lack or side protection on the safety glasses, as well as the lack of mechanical toughness of the punch.