Technology Associates served as expert engineering consultants for the plaintiff on a golf car rollover case resulting in a $5.3 million settlement. Our investigation and analysis supported plaintiff’s allegations that the golf car path combined an excessively steep path with a sharp turn leading to an unacceptable rollover hazard. To make matters worse, the superelevation […]

A golf cart with a lift kit modification rolled over when the driver applied the brakes, injuring a 3-year old passenger (read full article here). Lift kits are after-market suspension modifications which lift the body of the golf cart higher off the ground to allow for larger tires to be installed, which are sometimes desired […]

Technology Associates served as expert engineering consultants on a case related to a fall from a moving golf cart wherein the plaintiff was awarded $17.88 million. Plaintiff’s council alleged that the accident occurred while plaintiff was riding on the front of the moving vehicle with the driver’s knowledge but the defendant denied that the accident […]

Technology Associates served as expert engineering consultants on a case related to a retractable dog leash failure that recently settled for $1.3 million. After we conducted analysis and testing of exemplar leashes and prepared our engineering evaluation report citing the defective aspects of the leash design, the case settled. For more details, see our case […]

There are tens of thousands of table saw related injuries each year in the U.S. alone. A lawsuit recently filed by SawStop LLC against a group of large power saw manufacturers alleges that those companies have conspired for years to prevent adoption of the SawStop flesh detecting safety technology in table saws. The technology, which […]

One tow trucking employee was killed and another injured while reportedly working underneath a truck that was lifted by a forklift. According to news articles, the pickup fell from the forklift and onto the workers. While forklifts are designed for lifting and moving heavy objects, forklift safety rules generally prohibit any persons from working or […]

The second day of a criminal trail of a dump truck driver who struck and killed a cyclist was dominated by argument over the prosecution’s animation of the accident prepared by the state police. At issue, was whether or not the truck driver exercised due care in the 2011 crash. After the prosecution rested its […]

According to an analysis of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ hunting incident reports, tree stands (platforms attached to trees that enable people to hunt from elevated positions) are involved in more injuries and deaths than are guns. These statistics demonstrate the serious dangers associated with falls from a significant height. Tree stands can be […]

A man was killed when his car was struck by a 123 lb cylindrical metal pin that fell from a large piece of mining equipment that was being transported by trailer. According to the resulting lawsuit, the pin was not properly secured to the trailer, causing it to fall off the trailer and enter oncoming […]

Three construction workers survived a scaffolding collapse because of their fall protection equipment.

A driver involved in a fatal accident with a cyclist has reportedly stated that sun glare prevented him from seeing the bicycle in time to avoid the accident, which occurred at 5:35 p.m. in March. According to news reports, the driver told police that the sun was directly in his eyes as he was making […]

A 63 year old bicyclist was badly injured when an 80 year old driver crashed into him on a Brooklyn street, according to officials. The driver was apparently fleeing from another accident in which he had crashed into a school bus minutes earlier and kept going, according to police. One witness “heard the screeching of […]

A man was electrocuted when a ladder he and a co-worker were attempting to setup accidentally contacted a live power line. To avoid these types of accidents, OSHA regulation 1926.1053(b)(12) requires that ladders used where the employee or the ladder could contact exposed energized electrical equipment must have have non-conductive side rails. For this reason, […]

Consumer Union reports that certain model Jeep vehicles have experienced a problem with inadvertent air bag deployments. Airbags are an important technology for improving occupant safety in many crashes. However, many airbags deploy at such a high speed, that they can actually cause injuries when they deploy at the wrong time. Read the full article […]

In 2006 a construction worker was seriously injured after his job foreman ordered him to ride in a makeshift trash box on a forklift to access an elevated work area. Forklifts are generally not designed to provide people with access to heights unless equipped with an approved personnel lift accessory basket or similar accessory. The […]

In an effort to address the large number of serious hand and finger injuries that occur each year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to publish an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR) aimed at improving the safety of table saws. The proposal is to require performance standards for a detection and reaction […]

A falling piece of rebar recently struck a young boy in the hand at the world trade center construction site. The four foot long iron rod fell through a small gap in a platform used to suspend construction staff in the air while they work on the building’s exterior. Such construction site scaffolding is typically […]

One common type of bicycle accident actually involves collisions with vehicles that are not moving. When a vehicle door is flung open in the path of a bicyclist, serious injuries can results. When a cyclist is “doored”, he can be thrown from his bike resulting in fall-related injuries or even become exposed to passing vehicles. […]

With many Toyota sudden acceleration lawsuits progressing, Toyota has voiced certain intellectual property concerns about allowing plaintiff experts access to the computer codes that control their vehicles. Toyota has disputed any flaws in its electronic throttle control system and NHTSA investigations have found no causes for unintended acceleration other than sticking accelerator pedals and floor […]

In yet another report of a serious golf cart accident involving a rollover while traveling down a hill, five Greenbrier High School were sent to the hospital after a golf cart accident. The most serious injuries were a broken pelvis and a fractured skull. Apparently, the golf cart started moving from side to side as […]

This neighborhood’s residents are asking for a crosswalk to be added to an intersection some describe as a “death zone.” Crosswalks are one common type of traffic calming device used to reduce pedestrian-vehicle conflicts. Read the full article here.

The CPSC is looking into an invention that can stop a saw blade upon contact with a person, before serious injury occurs. Power saws are estimated to lead to 10 finger amputations per day and, by one estimate, each table saw causes a harm to society far in excess of its sale price.