We can help you determine and prove the facts of a case from investigation and discovery to courtroom testimony. Our expert engineering staff has extensive experience in determining information to seek during discovery, performing site inspections, taking measurements such as scene geometry, friction coefficients, vehicle crush damage or lighting levels, and performing calculations to assist in determining damages and liability, and preparing demonstrative photographs and videos as exhibits. We can provide you with the engineering analysis and knowledge you need in order to proceed with your case.

Our engineering staff is well prepared to explain and defend our expert opinions in the courtroom. We have experts who:

  • Have been qualified to testify as experts in state and federal courts
  • Are experienced in testifying in depositions and trials
  • Have successfully defeated Daubert / Frye challenges
  • Can prepare and explain compelling exhibits at trial

We maintain an extensive library of standards, automotive regulations, building codes, and reference publications relating to accident reconstruction, biomechanics, safety, fire investigation and human factors. Browse through our available publications.

In many cases, the participation of a technical expert in a personal injury or property damage lawsuit can govern its success or failure. This article develops three basic principles to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost. The primary task of a technical expert is to establish incident causation based the physical and life sciences. Working with […]